Our Story

How we converted age-old pain points of tailoring services in india into a hassle free experience!

A passionate journey of how we brought convenience to tailoring services in India!

In this era of “at-home services” created for consumer convenience, India had food, commute, salon, groceries, medicine and essentials coming home. We wondered why an age-old essential service like tailoring did not come home?

May it be custom stitching or alterations, we Indians visit a tailor who is sitting in the corner of the road or in a designated area which is generally in a busy market, far from our homes. Either we get stuck with a quality given by the tailor around the corner or waste time in going to a tailor who is far and difficult to access.

After extensively talking to users from various cross sections, it was very obvious that – EVERY HOUSEHOLD NEEDS A PLATFORM FOR HIGH QUALITY TAILORING SERVICES AT THEIR DOORSTEPS!

Starting the journey with 8 customers in one community, now we are serving 58 locations in Bangalore, serve 3 cities and cater to NRI communities in various countries. We have successfully served about 5700 customers completing over 15,760 orders.

When quality, convenience and reliability come together, service becomes complete and meaningful. We at FCOM, a team of designers, tailors, embroiders, dyers, darners and techies pledge to continue our journey to make our consumers happy!